Uniform Buying Checklist

The correct uniform instantly makes your child part of the school community. It puts them comfortably at one with their fellow students, and fosters personal pride and confidence.

Right from the start

If your child is starting school for the first time, or changing schools, or simply returning for a new school year, outfitting them correctly is important. Turning up on day one in the correct apparel, helps make that important first experience a positive one.

What schools can’t tell you

Every school has its own uniform requirements, usually listed on their webpage. But what they can’t tell you is how many shirts, skirts, socks and windcheaters your child is going to need. That magic number depends on your household routine, on your child’s school activities, and their tendency to stay clean or attract spatters and smears.

The checklist below covers all key school-wear items, and suggests a range of quantities that cover a weekly washing routine.

Number Item
2 - 5 long sleeve shirts, blouses, or skivvies*
2 - 5 short sleeve shirts*
2 - 5 shorts, long trousers*
1 - 2 pinafores/dresses/skirts*
1 - 2 skorts
1 - 2 windcheater/jacket
1 soft shell/rain jacket
2 - 5 tights
2 - 5 socks – ankle and/or knee high
1 - 2 hats – broad rim (slouch), bucket, legionnaire
1 backpack (if applicable)
1 book bag (if applicable)
1 tie (if applicable)
1 blazer (if applicable)
Uniform Buying Checklist