Top Tips Before You Buy

Outfitting your child for school is a major investment and at Devon we want you to make the most of that expenditure. A few prudent choices can make quite a difference.


  • Buy clothing items just one size too big so your child doesn’t grow out of them too fast.
  • Buy school shoes at least a month before school starts so your child has time to wear them in around the house.
  • For infants school, buy shoes with Velcro and not laces, unless they can confidently tie them on their own.
  • Choose garments your child can easily take on and off. If, for example, they find buttons a challenge, see if you can opt for polo shirts.
  • Use iron-on fabric labels to label every school-wear garment with your child’s name, plus a contact phone number or code. Attach identity tags to backpacks, book and sports bags. Label their lunch box and drinking bottle. Label everything!
  • For a child just starting school, let them practise getting dressed in their uniform a few times before the big day.

Most important of all!

Your best investment comes from buying quality school wear.

  • Quality garments withstand constant, daily wear.
  • And constant washing, week in, week out.
  • Retain their colour and keep their shape.
  • Stay comfortable, fresh and bright.
  • Last and wear so well they can often be passed onto younger children, doubling your investment!
Top Tips Before You Buy