Star of the Sea School

Star of the Sea School

Please note that the item(s) you order may not be in stock. If your item(s) are not in stock and your order can't be filled within a suitable timeframe, you can request a credit or refund but you will then lose your place in the priority queue and need to reorder.

Waterproof jackets are available by order only.
Please place your order before end week 5, Term 1 for an early Term 2 delivery.
Place an order by end Week 2, Term 2 for a late Term 2 delivery.

You will be notified via phone or email once your order is ready to collect. Please do not attend the store until you receive notification.

Our Western Suburbs store has moved from its original location and is now located here -

We are no longer able to deliver orders to student's classrooms. You will need to collect your order from the store.

Opening hours are 8-11am Monday, 3-6pm Wednesday and 10am-1pm Saturdays. Closed Public Holidays.